Being a caregiver to a special needs child with mental or physical needs
is a challenging job. Your heart is drenched in compassion, but at times
it can be difficult to balance your work and have the same compassion
for yourself. The Healing Patch is based on the life of my special needs
son who was placed in a residential facility.

During his 8 year stay, I worked hard to resolve my guilt, depression,
and grief. Not having my son home on a regular basis and parenting
from afar was new. I instinctively came up with a ‘co-parenting’ plan
with staff and turned the situation into a positive experience.

The trees in the book are some of the staff who impacted my son and
​myself in a positive way. This book is a thank you to all who invested their time in loving a child that wasn’t theirs and having love and understanding for me as well. Donovan is now 14 and thriving beyond comprehension…and still today, he uses this book as a reminder to breathe, create, think positive, love unconditionally, talk about feelings, and know that he has a purpose bigger than all of us. I would like to thank you for taking the interest in this book, I hope that you enjoy it- as much I have enjoyed creating it! If you are interested in caregiver counseling and support, encouraging parenting techniques, feedback, and finding balance - please contact me.



The Healing Patch
A Child's Guide to Happiness

In brightly colored images and poignant words, The Healing Patch, celebrates the qualities of Bravery, Creativity, Sunshine, Love, Truth, and Purpose. In a magical garden these qualities are illuminated by the colors of trees that lift little Dee from sadness to joy.

The appeal of vibrant images and the notion that positivity can encourage happiness for anyone is universal. Whether a well child or one with special needs, The Healing Patch is sure to delight any boy or girl.