My name is Rev. Catherine Caminero, I am a minister of interfaith studies, Mysticism and Spirituality. I am an ADR certified mediator for parents/teens, couples/divorce, and families in crisis. I am the founder of House of Open Doors, spiritual support center and an advocate for my son and other children living with special needs.

Catherine Caminero


My son, Dee, was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder at 4 years old. He was hospitalized for suicide and violent episodes before his 5th birthday. I was left alone with a 12 year old daughter to care for, at a time I didn’t know how to care for myself. I was financially handicapped and had no partner to share the fear that “there is no light to be found." 

​By retraining my mind, spirit, and body, I have been successful in changing the negative into positive. Dee is now almost 12 years old and through trial and error we have come to find peace in our family and to see our future as something to look forward to and not something to hide from. I am motivated to reach out to others with similar life/family challenges. I offer support and guidance based on my years of personal experience, education, knowledge and faith. I can understand and empathize with anyone who loves a child in pain.


Life experience has led Catherine Caminero to take a role as Family Advocate in the new movement toward Family Driven Care. But even before this effort, she had dedicated her life to support caregivers everywhere. The Healing Patch, A Child’s Guide to Happiness, offers a taste of her simple approach to bringing joy to any child or person willing to achieve enlightenment through the use of their natural abilities. 

As well as being an artist and writer of children’s books, Catherine Caminero is an Educational Sign Language Interpreter, a mediator, a spiritual counselor, and an ordained Minister of Interfaith Spiritualism.

Currently she serves as a support resource for families with children with special needs associated with a residential school for emotionally challenged children in Rhinebeck, New York.